Women's Clothing Rental Service

Armoire is a clothing rental subscription service that gives you access to thousands of high-end styles for one flat monthly price.  From Cozy cashmere and designer jeans to tops for the conference calls and even luxe athleisure, we have got you covered!

With Armoire, you will never be caught naked searching for a new outfit.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Color

Can you relate to any of these problems?​

  • You missed that opportunity to make a memorable first impression because the colors you wore made you look washed out

  • You are frustrated with shopping because every time you purchase an outfit it always looked better on the model than on you

  • You have wasted money on new cosmetics because they don't match your kin tone

  • That red dress  you like is truly an eye catcher, but all people see is the dress and not you

No More Stress or Hassle

Can you relate to any of these?​

  • You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear

  • Clothes with the price tag still attached because you never wore them (and probably never will)

  • No time to shop or maybe you even hate shopping

  • Frustrated by over-priced and underwhelming fashion options

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The Closet You Never Have to Clean

You're busy, we get that.  It is the reason we designed Armoire to be a simple solution for the everyday.  Whether you are looking to save time, money or skip the weekly dry-cleaning run, we have got you covered.  Our members enjoy the freedom to chose from a curated collection of over 10 000 items at their fingertips, order as many times as they want, and have deliveries sent on their schedule.

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Your Closet Your Way

High quality clothing shouldn't just be reserved for special occasions.

  • Convenient, affordable access to thousands of high-end styles

  • No more monthly  credit card bills for clothes you will never wear

  • Say goodbye to impulse buys

  • Affordable luxury

  • Free shipping both ways

  • Build a curated wardrobe


Armoire helps me to break out of my safe zone and try styles I would never pick on my own. The fit and quality of the clothes are so good that I feel beautiful in almost everything I put on. I also love that I’ve been able to go virtually cold turkey on shopping."


I’ve felt more like myself…I’m a better mom when I am feeling confident, and I’ve learned how important it is for me to take care of my own needs and look good while doing it!"