Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

Color Me Beautiful's personal color anlysis provides a research based, customized solution to your image needs.  Their simple color anlysis guides you to your best colors.  Based on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, you have a specific color personality - a way of expressing yourself through clothing, makeup, and your general style.  Find out what your color personality is!

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Avoid Costly Mistakes With Color

Can you relate to any of these problems?​

  • You missed that opportunity to make a memorable first impression because the colors you wore made you look washed out

  • You are frustrated with shopping because every time you purchase an outfit it always looks better on the model than it does on you

  • You have wasted money on new cosmetics because they don't match your kin tone

  • That red dress  you like is truly an eye catcher, but all people see is the dress and not you

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Achieve Your Full Beauty Potential

Color Me Beautiful has impacted the lives of millions of women and men by helping them to find their best colors.  Their color analysis is the foundation of becoming a more confident, beautiful you.

Discover your inner beauty with their customized Color Magic System.  Based on your unique set of Seasonal Colors, it teaches you how to illuminate your natural beauty with ease and confidence.

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Your Color Personality

You have the power to improve the way you look by using color.

  • Tone and brighten your complexion

  • Feel better about the way you look

  • Improve your self confidence

  • Attract the right people

  • Reduce the signs of aging