At Home Health Screening Lab Tests

At Equi Life we know that you are busy and taking the time out of your day to make a doctor's visit can be a big ask.  We make it easy for you.  Get the lab tests you need, delivered to your door and one-on-one coaching to help you understand your results and take action.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Color

Can you relate to any of these problems?​

  • You missed that opportunity to make a memorable first impression because the colors you wore made you look washed out

  • You are frustrated with shopping because every time you purchase an outfit it always looked better on the model than on you

  • You have wasted money on new cosmetics because they don't match your kin tone

  • That red dress  you like is truly an eye catcher, but all people see is the dress and not you

Are You Pushing Yourself to the Brink?

Most of us have experienced that moment when​

  • you wake up tired to the sound of the alarm

  • your libido is non existant

  • you are  suffering with frequent headaches

  • you feel bloated or have digestive issues  like acid reflux

  • you haven't made time to take care of yourself

Digestive Problems.jpg

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Lab Screening Test Results

Tests You Can Take From the Comfort of Your Home

For indepth insights into your health, you need to have access to a wide variety of tests that can offer comprehensive information about factors such as your inflammation markers, your chronic stress markers (which affect your hormone levels), your vitamin and mineral levels , your hormone levels, and more.

Clients find that this fast, easy to use tool helps them identify what may be keeping them from their optimal state of health.  These tests also help identify sub-clinical health issues they may be unaware are affecting their overall wellbeing.

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Take Control of Your Health

Get the tests you need

  •  Affordable and 100% guaranteed

  • Customized programs addressing your issues

  • Private and convenient 

  • One-on-One coaching to help you understand your results

  • Address the root causes, not just the symptoms

  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain


This test is very revealing!! I had so many issues and didn’t know what to fix first. The test really breaks it down for the IHP to get at the most important issues that need to be dealt with in a specific order!!!


The most empowering health tests!
Running these two tests has made the biggest impact on my health ever! I can honestly say I've never so good since implementing the protocols following the results. Highly recommend to absolutely everyone.