The Body Soul Spirit Connection

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There are three distinctive parts of being human that make up the whole you. These three parts include the mind (soul), the body, and the spirit. Each part of you has a role, it has a function, and it has a purpose to play. The role that each segment plays helps drive every decision you make and action you take.

These parts work together in combination to shape who you are on both the outside and inside. In other words, you are who you are today, and you have what you have in your life because of how these three parts have worked in unison throughout your life. Therefore, if you don’t like who you have become and or don’t appreciate how your life has turned out, then you can begin changing things. However, for lasting change to take place, these changes need to be on all three levels.

When all three parts work together towards a similar goal, that’s when almost anything becomes possible. When everything is working together in tandem, life seems effortless, you are happy and fulfilled, and everything just seems to go your way naturally. However, this state of balance isn’t easy to achieve. It requires a lot of work, effort, patience, and attention to detail over an extended period. And even then, one slight imbalance within one of these “parts” can ultimately take you off track and cause the balance within the system to break down.

It’s something that the great yogis and monks the world over work towards over a lifetime. They dedicate themselves to the attainment of nirvana, enlightenment, or whatever else you might want to call it. They strive to create that special and unique connection within themselves that allows them to form a bond outside of themselves with all that is.

However, let’s not get into too many details about these sorts of things. The purpose here is not to reach a state of enlightenment, but rather to use your mind, body, and spirit in ways that will help support your goals and the outcomes that you would like to achieve over a lifetime. Yet, this is not only about external goals, but it’s also about internal objectives — this is about the person you seek to become as a result of your time here on earth.

Now we will take a look at the role these three parts play in your life.

The Body

Your physical body is made of 500+ billion cells that are continually being replaced with new younger cells. Some of these cells will be replaced within a few short days, weeks, and months while other cells are replaced over several years.

Scientific research has shown that all the cells within the human body are replaced within several years. This means that you are a completely different person today then you were several years ago. This further suggests that every cell that made up your body years ago NO LONGER EXISTS. New cells have taken the place of those old cells, and you are now COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This is incredibly significant because within each one of your cells lie stored memories of who you are, of your experiences, and your life here on earth. Parts of these memories get passed onto the next generation of cells, which is why you “kind of” look the same as you did several years ago; you kind of think the same, and you kind of indulge in the same emotions and habitual patterns of behavior. However, the real significance of this is that you don’t necessarily have to “kind of be the same person.” You have a choice. You can choose to be different, and with choice comes change, and with change comes dramatic transformation.

The trick here is to create more functional and empowering memories for your cells to work with. It’s as though you’re writing a script for the cells in your body to act out. This script provides them with all the background information/memories/instructions they need to pass onto the next generation of cells. And by changing the directions, you successfully alter the makeup of your cells.

If your body is suffering from an ailment today, it doesn’t necessarily need to suffer from that ailment tomorrow.  If the cells of your body receive the right kinds of instructions that will allow them to pass on relevant memories/information to the new cells — the body will undergo the healing process.

If we can successfully alter these instructions within every one of our cells, then just think about the possibilities? With new instructions, your cells can change and transform in any-which-way that is biologically possible.

Think about all the different kinds of diseases that shape and transform the body in unusual and surprising ways. The body is formed and changed this way because the cells are given instructions to modify. If your cells can transform the body in such a way, then they can most certainly transform your body in many other ways — depending on the instructions they receive.

The Quantum World

Your body is made up of matter. The matter is made up of molecules, which are essentially groups of atoms bonding together. These atoms are fluctuations of energy, intelligence, and information. They are moving at the speed of light around seemingly empty space that science doesn’t yet quite understand. This empty space is sometimes called dark-matter or dark-energy.

Given this, your body is nothing more than a fluctuation of energy that intermingles with the world around it. On a molecular level, you are made up of billions upon billions of atoms that vibrate around empty space. You are, therefore, an energy fluctuation, much like electricity. However, you are not alone. In fact, everything around you is nothing more than a variation of energy. Literally, everything around you is pretty much empty space. Objects just appear to be solid because molecules move at such a rapid speed that things take on a solid structure.

What this all means is that the world is JUST LIKE YOU. You are made up of atoms, and everything you see around you (the entire universe) is made up of atoms. In this way, you are actually connected to everything else, and everything else is connected to you. There is no space or separation on the molecular level. Things are continually interacting with one another, whether they are meters away or miles away. In other words, the world you see is simply an extension of you.

The Soul

Your soul is made up of electromagnetic energy and consists of the mind, will, and emotions. It replicates the physical body in every way, and it exists within space and time.  In other words, your soul is a part of this world.  It acts as the program for the computer of our brain and exists independently of the physical body, but every day it interacts with your physical body through energy fluctuations. In fact, the emotions you experience daily are immediately felt within your soul. Disease, fatigue, and anything else that influences your physical body manifest also within your soul. This is how spiritual healers work with illness. They see the soul in color and waves of energy fluctuations. These colors provide insight into the health of the physical body. They then work with these energies to heal the soul. When the soul is treated, the body also moves through the healing process.

Your soul is essentially the part of you that re-creates the physical “you” every single day. Everything first goes through the soul and then manifests within the physical body. When you experience a thought, this thought has a vibrational frequency (electromagnetic energy) that directly influences the soul, which is made up of pure energy. This then manifests in some way within the physical world. Therefore, things first occur at a molecular and metaphysical level before displaying in physical form.

The Mind

The mind is made up of interconnected memories that hold a lifetime of information and data. These memories consist of a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have had. You experienced these thoughts, feelings, and emotions as a result of how you have interpreted pain and pleasure over your life. And the experience of pain and pleasure is tied to your five sensory organs that help transmit information into the brain for processing.

On a molecular level, the mind is nothing more than a wave fluctuation machine. You have a thought, which is an interpretation you make about reality using your five senses. This thought is nothing more than an impulse of energy/information that creates molecules within your brain and body. These molecules influence the structure of your cells and consequently form the basis of your reality.

Every thought you have sends out into the world a very distinctive frequency. The frequency of your thought becomes a kind of magnet that tends to attract similar frequencies that match that thought. This frequency is known as a wave of energy. It’s a vibrational energy that draws to it similar energies that match its frequency. As such, you will attract more of the same you send out into the world. Therefore, if you think of pessimistic thoughts, you will naturally attract people, events, and circumstances that match those thoughts. If, on the other hand, you have optimistic thoughts, then you will likewise attract people, events, and circumstances that are aligned with those types of thoughts.

Your mind is in a constant state of “thinking.” So, whether you are relaxing or concentrating, sleeping, or exercising, your mind is continuously processing the impulses of data that come through the five senses. It’s how it tries to make sense of the world. Then based on this processing of information and analysis of data, your mind chooses your desires mostly at an unconscious level of awareness. However, these desires might not necessarily align with your conscious desires or wants, which is where conflicts arise.

The Spirit

The spirit very much lies at the final frontier of human understanding. It’s a very little understood part of our selves, and as such most of what’s written here is pure speculation and theory. However, every great journey begins somewhere, and what makes sense today along that journey might not make sense tomorrow as you travel towards your destination. As such, take on board what makes sense for you, and leave the rest behind. That is the surest and quickest way to the truth.

When we talk about the human spirit, we are not talking about the soul. The soul and the spirit are very different parts of you. The spirit is ageless and immortal. It exists outside of space and time on another universal plane that we cannot perceive from our three-dimensional perspective. It is the part that connects us with everything else within this world and this universe. It is the part of us that works and lives with a greater sense of purpose that goes beyond this lifetime and this dimension.

The spirit is made up of intelligence, emotions, information, and fluctuations of energy. It’s always in a state of “creating” and “being.” It’s the source of all your answers, insights, and underlying intelligence.  It communicates these thoughts to our super-conscious mind; our intuition or third eye.

Your spirit functions much like an electrical cord that connects you to a consciousness that is greater than yourself. This consciousness is a shared consciousness that connects everything to everything else within this universe and beyond. For this very reason, the spirit is considered to be multi-dimensional. It’s perfect health, abundant, silent, self-referring, and love-centric. It’s not critical or judgmental because the spirit knows no right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. Things are just the way they are. Every moment is an experience, and it doesn’t matter whether that experience is pleasurable or painful. It’s the experience itself that matters above all else.

Your spirit has a purpose that connects it to your soul and body. This purpose is known as a Personal Legend. A Personal Legend is, in many ways, a spiritual meaning that’s tied to your time here on earth. This purpose is built upon the foundations of going through a particular set of experiences that will lead to more significant growth and understanding about yourself, about life, and about the part you play within the greater scheme of things. It’s a complex and mysterious part of your life, one that comes into view the more you follow your heart and search for your life’s true path.

The Heart

One aspect that is not discussed too much is the heart.  No one really knows where it is, but we all have one.  I’m not talking about the organ I’m talking about the spiritual heart.  It is the center of the physical, mental, and spiritual life of humans.  Some believe it lives in our souls.

The mind tends to deal with the thought processes of a human.  The mind is where we reason, think, and contemplate.  The heart tends to deal more with the core of our being as well as the intellect.  It identifies the center of our existence and deals heavily with the concept of conscience.  For example, the heart of a conversation refers to the core or gist of the conversation.  The heart of a human refers to the core nature of that human in the intellectual and moral realms.  You are indeed where your heart is.    We should note that these words only describe concepts in the human makeup.  Is there a real heart or mind?  We may never know.  However, they assist us in explaining how a human being operates.  The use of the heart model helps us to understand how we relate to the world around us, each other, and most of all, God.

The heart is the seat of who we are.  An evil person is evil in his or her heart, whereas a person is identified as a living soul (this why some believe that the spiritual heart lives in the soul).  The disposition of this individual and the nature of this individual are described according to the condition of their heart.

The concept of the spiritual heart is fundamental in understanding how we deal with things and how our belief and faith systems work.  The heart is the core of our existence.  It is the center of the human being, and whatever is in the heart determines what we are about.  Therefore, whether you are intellectually convinced of something or not doesn’t really matter.  The intellect can be easily overridden, but what is in the heart cannot be readily removed.  If you have faith in your heart, then you truly have faith.

The importance of the heart model is that it determines the true nature of a person.  Your conscience, morals, and identity reside in your heart