Online Mental Health Counseling is the first online counseling solution to make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone. We offer online therapy, online CBT, and online counseling at affordable prices.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Color

Can you relate to any of these problems?​

  • You missed that opportunity to make a memorable first impression because the colors you wore made you look washed out

  • You are frustrated with shopping because every time you purchase an outfit it always looked better on the model than on you

  • You have wasted money on new cosmetics because they don't match your kin tone

  • That red dress  you like is truly an eye catcher, but all people see is the dress and not you

Struggling With Life?

Can you relate to any of these?​

  • You are feeling down but not sure why

  • You are to busy to see a therapist or counsellor

  • Embarrassed to ask for help

  • Traditional therapy is costly

  • You suffer from depression, anxiety, substance abuse or an eating disorder


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Online Therapy and Counseling

Get the support and tools you need to be happier.  Our online therapy program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy known as CBT.  CBT has been developed on the idea that your thoughts are what cause your feelings and behavior.

Online therapy offers many benefits beyond traditional therapy.  One of them is the flexibility to start and stop treatment whenever you need to.

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A Toolbox For Life

Online therapy is for everyone.

  • Understand your pain and feel better

  • Therapy anytime, anywhere

  • Take control of your life again

  • Affordable and effective

  • Private and safe


"I had an amazing experience! My therapist was willing to answer all of my questions and was so supportive. The weekly worksheets were helpful in looking deeper into my thoughts."


"Love the worksheets and daily replies from my therapist! Nice to be able to work at my own pace"