How to Care for Your Spiritual Heart

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

“Our dreams do not die because we grow old; we grow old because our dreams die.”
Gabriel G. Marquez

Your Spiritual Heart
heart Aglow with Love

There exists a form of heart disease that is arguably more pervasive and neglected by many people than physical heart disease, and that is the disease of the spiritual heart.

We live in a time of increased materialism that has led to a disconnection with the essence of the human being, that is, the spiritual heart and its relationship to our creator.

This is a significant factor leading to the numerous problems we see in our societies, including the many forms of injustice, oppression, racism, and discrimination, along with corruption, to name a few examples.

Just as consuming unhealthy food can harden the arteries of the physical heart, performing wrong actions hardens the spiritual heart, to the point of becoming desensitized to one’s humanity.

The Function of the Spiritual Heart

The spiritual heart is the receptacle for divine revelation, guidance, and love,

· It is the holder of awe, faith, and trust

· It is the house of peace

· The heart is the vessel of faith

· It receives guidance from our collective consciousness and God

The metaphysical heart connects our body, soul, and spirit. When our spiritual heart is healthy, we can experience heart intelligence, inner guidance, inner peace, and well-being. A damaged or dead spiritual heart can lead to a damaged or dead spiritual life.

The spiritual heart’s function is to lean toward the divine, goodness, and light. Hence, when it becomes ill, it falls into a state of ungratefulness, which means to reject faith, no longer inclining toward that which it naturally should. For many, the heart can become spiritually lifeless, even though they remain alive in a physical sense. The condition of our physical life flows from the spiritual heart.

It’s in our spirit that we have meaning and purpose in life. At the deepest level, our spirit gives us meaning and purpose, and our spiritual heart enables us to love one another, ourselves and God.

A Healthy Spiritual Heart

In the natural, when the physical heart is sick, the rest of the body suffers. The same is true with the condition of the spiritual heart, except that it controls every area of our being; spirit, soul, and body.

We can’t care for the spiritual body around us if we don’t care for our hearts first.

“Opening” the spiritual heart is the first point of spiritual development. For the majority of people, it is the first possibility to experience what real love is, and not just to talk about it.

Once this opening is fully accomplished and with the daily practice of connecting to God in your spiritual heart, such a person is no longer able to enter into emotional states other than variations of love. Mother Theresa is a prime example of this.

This radically changes one’s relationships with the environment, including other people.

Where is the Spiritual Heart Located?

However strange it may be, there are numerous attempts to determine its location, including quite preposterous ones.

Some early Christians believed that it was located in the physical heart. Some were “firmly convinced” that the spiritual heart, unlike the physical one, is located in the right part of the chest. On some diagrams published in contemporary literature, the spiritual heart is depicted as being found around the stomach area.

Spiritually speaking, a human has seven major chakras. One of those chakras is known as the Heart Chakra or Anahata. Our spiritual heart is located inside our heart, chakra.

The study of 7 chakras originates in Eastern spiritual traditions that consider the seven primary chakras the basis of our human existence. Similarly, today’s Western approaches emphasize the seven chakras as representations of different aspects of our life and describe their function in various terms encompassing the psychological, physical, and spiritual.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest (the energy center is not located where our actual heart organ lies; instead, the heart chakra is in the center of the chest area); it is the 4th chakra counting from the bottom of the spine in the traditional seven chakra system.

A Healthy Spiritual Heart

Many ancient spiritual books stated that the biggest secret lies in the core of our spiritual heart, and that is our spiritual heart, which always knows the truth still directs us to our true self.

Think about your reaction to specific situations, like:

· Your attitude when you wake up, are you ready to start your day with a positive or negative mindset. How you begin your day is indicative of how the rest of your day will be.

· How you treat your family and friends when a family or a friend seems to be heading in a direction you disagree with. Do you love? Or do you judge?

· How you react to people you don’t know; how do you respond when someone cuts you off while driving? You have to be careful with your reaction; they could be distracted from a disturbing phone call; someone could be after them, or their child or loved one could be hurt.

How would you respond? Mindfully or Mindlessly?

Your reaction is based on the condition of your spiritual heart. Does your heart reflect love or hatred?

There are different practices that help to open and develop your spiritual heart. There are traditional spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer or physical movements such as QiGong and some types of Yoga. Access to the spiritual heart can also be opened through appreciation of music, art, and nature.

Love relationships with friends, family, pets, God, or planet earth are potent ways to open and expand the gateway of the spiritual heart as well.

A healthy heart chakra fills you with love, forgiveness, and compassion.

A Spiritual Heart Checkup

The condition of your spiritual heart affects your thoughts, speech, and actions. Good or bad. It is essential to Christian growth and personal development to perform a ‘Spiritual Heart Checkup’ regularly.

This checkup will help you to be more conscientious about your:

· speech-positive words

· thoughts- positive thoughts

· actions- positive behaviors

We all need to examine ourselves every day.

When you find yourself challenged by life situations and experiences - that is the most imperative time to focus your awareness on the Heart Center.

The following questions are designed as a spiritual heart check. They are meant to surface sin in our lives, not make us feel condemned or ashamed; after all, no one is perfect.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I tell the truth?

Do I gossip?

Do I have a critical, judgmental spirit?

Do I care more about what others think about me or what God thinks?

Do I worry rather than trust God?

Am I kind toward others?

Am I generous?

Do I help those in need?

Do I make time to pray?

Am I self-focused all the time?

Am I thankful in all circumstances?

Do I make crude, off-color jokes?

Am I boastful?

Am I careful about what I put into my mind?

Am I keeping a record in my mind of the wrongs others have done to me?

Have I forgiven those who have hurt or wronged me?

Is there anyone whose forgiveness I need to seek?

In many traditions, spiritual seekers work with the spiritual heart — in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

All the issues of life flow out of our spiritual hearts. If all of us were to take care of our hearts, both spiritually and physically, our world would be a much different and better place.

Do you agree?


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