How to Deal with Negativity

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you are positive, you will see opportunities instead of obstacles.

How to Deal with Negativity
Stinkin' Thinkin' is a Downer

Whenever you experience any emotion, the emotion is always preceded and accompanied by a set of thoughts. These thoughts are constructed of words and statements that you say to yourself. This is how we think and respond to circumstances. When we choose to think in optimal ways, we often get the best out of ourselves. However, when we think in limiting, negative ways, we often end up making the situation far worse than it should be. Throughout the day, you have both helpful and unhelpful thoughts that direct your behaviors, decisions, and actions.

Negative thoughts are built upon automatic habitual patterns that you pick-up over a lifetime. This if you’re in the habit of thinking negatively consistently, then you can be assured that you are not living up to your full potential.Therefore, if you’re in the habit of thinking negatively consistently, then you can be assured that you are not living up to your full potential.

These negative thoughts are not helpful. They are not making your life any more manageable, and they are certainly not empowering you whatsoever. The negative thinking you have chosen to use and adopt is limiting your perspectives, denying you opportunities, creating additional problems, and making you feel miserable. Isn’t it time you put a stop to them once and for all?

When people are filled with negativity, their thoughts revolve around fear, worries, anger, and anxiety.

They are mostly in a state of distress and are unable to experience a peaceful and happy state of mind. This leads to them making decisions based on haste, without properly thinking things through. Negative people attract more and more negativity in their lives because their thinking process is mainly focused on the negative side of things.

They pick the terrible things in every situation and fail at viewing things in a positive light. This negative influence leads to a harmful impact on not only their emotions but also on their mental and physical state.

It becomes difficult for such people to fulfill their dreams and goals in life because each time they come close to achieving them, their negative thoughts intervene and act as a blockage between their dreams and goals taking the shape of reality.

Negativity leads to:

· Poor health.

· Lower levels of self-esteem and confidence.

· A decrease in efficiency and effectiveness levels that can hinder us from performing to the best of our potential in a work environment.

Also, people who are prone to negativity hardly see the face of success and live in a constant state of doubt and fear.

Negativity, just like its nature, brings a negative influence in a person’s life and pulls them away from the things they could achieve in life, had they been more positive and optimistic.

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts

Now that you understand what negativity is doing to you, we will look at how to challenge your negative thoughts using a questioning approach that also takes into account limiting beliefs associated with that thought. You can, therefore, use this process to help you successfully challenge the negative thinking that is prevalent in your life.

As you work through these questions, keep in mind that indulging in negative thinking patterns directly influences the emotions you experience daily. These emotions then influence how you perceive reality. These emotions influence the choices you make, the behaviors you indulge in, and the actions you take, which ultimately affects the outcomes you are likely to realize in your life. Therefore, by continually indulging in negativity, you are doing nothing but maintaining the status quo. Nothing changes, nothing improves, and your life stagnates. You feel stuck in your old limiting patterns of behavior, and you feel helpless to do anything about it.

Is It Possible to Change Negativity?

Negativity is an attitude that can surely bring us down the ladder of success in every aspect of our life. This is why it is beneficial to adopt a more positive outlook, with thoughts that are more focused on the optimistic side of things.

Overcoming the adversity brought on by negativity is indeed possible. To change, you will need to reprogram your brain, and reprogramming your mind means making a conscious effort to break out of the harmful thinking habit that is currently rampant in your life. A task of this magnitude requires a shift in thinking. And this shift only comes about when you begin by challenging your negative thoughts and their associating beliefs. You must essentially become a detective, which requires an assessment of whether or not your thoughts and beliefs are helpful and aligned with the outcomes that you would like to achieve.

Transforming your thoughts requires identifying all the facts and the evidence that will help you to resolve these negative thinking patterns. Once you have a clear view of the situation, your next step will be to challenge these thoughts. However, before you even reach that stage, your very first task will be to recognize these thinking patterns as they come into conscious awareness.

Recognizing Negative Thoughts

Your negative thoughts are often accompanied by intense and sudden shifts in how you’re feeling. The moment you recognize one of these shifts, immediately try to pinpoint what triggered the feeling. Ask yourself:

What am I feeling at the moment?

What specifically triggered this feeling? Why?

How am I thinking about this situation?

What exactly am I saying to myself?

What underlying beliefs might be causing me to feel this way?

Are these beliefs true and rooted in fact?

Often accompanying a negative thought and an uncomfortable feeling is a limiting belief that influences your perspective of the situation. When you successfully challenge your negative thoughts, you effectively weaken the hold that the limiting belief has over your life.

Four Tactics to Help You Think More Positively

After you have practiced bringing your negative thoughts into conscious awareness, it would be helpful to adopt a lifestyle where you incorporate the tactics mentioned below:

Mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is a beneficial tactic of cultivating a mind that is more positive, happy, and free. It teaches you to live in the present moment and helps in making you more relaxed and confident in yourself.

Exercise. Exercise activates the release of happy chemicals in our brains. Activity, in any form, be it exercises or sports, is a good way of keeping your mind and body energized and active, qualities associated with positive people.

Gratitude. When we learn to be more grateful for the things in our life, we seem to see the good side of things. A great way of adopting gratefulness into our lives is by maintaining a gratitude journal where you jot down all the ideas you are grateful for in life, daily.

Positive People. When we surround ourselves with friends and family members who are positive, we start feeling more positive and confident in ourselves. This happens because their positive vibes rub off on us and lessen our negative vibes, which help us in living a life that is filled with more laughter and happiness. If you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t give you energy or ideas, you may have to build more robust social support for yourself.

Negativity can certainly be overcome, all you need is the will power to be able to change your lifestyle so that you can start living your life to the fullest, achieving your goals and dreams in life.

So, what do you think? Are you riddled with negativity? If so, are you going to take action and start doing something about it?