How to Nurture Your Spirit

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A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.

If you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, they will flourish. Since they are all intertwined into one person, you, optimum health can only be achieved when all three areas are in harmony. Good eating habits and daily exercise are essential for a healthy body. The mind needs stimulation and challenge to function correctly. Although it's frequently overlooked, the spirit (your true essence) needs daily nourishment.

It's important to get to know your spirit and renew it regularly to create proper balance and peace in your life.

Your Spirit

Consider the way you care for your spirit; if it could take on a form, what form would it be in? What color would it be? Would it have a sound, smell, or taste? Trying to describe the human spirit is like trying to explain the word 'invisible.'

Your spirit is that ethereal part of you that is untamed and uninhibited. It offers us our sense of freedom and, paradoxically, our understanding of connection at the same time to all of life. It is our innate instincts that keep us safe and shield us in threatening situations. It is our authentic personal truth that resides within us and craves a satisfying, peaceful, and meaningful life. It communicates through our intuition.

Your spirit is naturally compassionate and full of love; when it is fully flourishing, it benefits those around you.


Spirituality is a broad term that encompasses various values and activities. Still, when searching for "spirituality" online and scrolling through the photos, the first images that appear are silhouettes of people and light – a lot of beautiful light. This light can be soothing, and just looking at them can make your spirit soar.

You may not be able to explain all of the concepts that fall under the heading of spirituality. Still, you can describe the images' desires – hope, attachment, meaning, transparency, and peace. Consider these ideas as easy ways to start nurturing your spirit in practical ways.

Our religious beliefs are more sacred and personal to us than anything else. If you're a follower of an organized religion or not, whether you're "spiritual," Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, or agnostic, your beliefs shape who you are.

For me personally and many others I know – I consider myself to be a Christian, but I don't practice religion. For some, spirituality is synonymous with religion. Others choose to embrace a single religion or to avoid religion entirely.

For the purposes of the article, it doesn't matter if you are spiritual but not religious, believe in religion, or what religion you believe in. It is essential to recognize that it is important to develop practices that nurture your spirit and bring more balance and peace into your life.

Sometimes the failure to thrive is caused by emotional obstacles that have crippled us, given us a mistaken idea of God, or made us devalue our spiritual side.

Nurturing Out Spirit

Every now and again, we may feel that ache in our spirit that looks for higher meaning and hear that inner voice that says, "Be still," but how can we find ways to nurture and care for that spirit part of us that self-reflects and seeks fulfillment?

Nurturing the spirit is the aspect in your life that makes you smile! It is about what makes you feel good and connected. It builds your self-esteem and self-confidence and allows you to connect to others, mother nature, and yourself. Nurturing your spirit supports your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being. Even though your spirit is fundamental in your wellness, it is often overlooked or not supported when discussing your health.

What actions or rituals do you incorporate into your day to nurture your spirit? How do you go about setting the tone for a beautiful day? I discover the daybreak of every new day magical; after I open my eyes, the first thing I do is say, "Thank You for the gift of the day. I am open to all great things that come my way".

Having a healthy daily routine keeps me functioning to the highest degree possible on all three planes of existence—mind (soul), body, and spirit. It helps me to see opportunities and consider problems as "situations."

A hectic lifestyle can leave us relinquishing our deepest longings, and in the end, diminish our presence in life itself.

Nurturing your spirit is a process of finding balance.

Spending time, even if it's just an hour a week to start with, doing something you love excites the spirit. An excellent place to start is remembering what you loved to do as a child or what brings you joy as an adult.

Below are some ways to strengthen and uplift your spirit.

  • spending regular quiet time alone

  • journaling

  • praying

  • walking in nature

  • coloring, or painting

  • experiencing gratitude and appreciate the wonder in our lives - Gratitude somehow seems to open the door to the life we wish and makes us happier. The more profound our gratitude, the higher our capability to receive, and the extra we get out of life.

  • deep or rhythmic breathing

  • practicing mindfulness - Mindfulness practice leads to heightened awareness, which allows you to pause, gain perspective on your mental or emotional state, and make a choice to do something supportive instead of destructive.

  • meditation - If we sit in meditation for just fifteen minutes a day, we are able to recapture the feeling of refreshment and restore a sense of harmony to our lives.

  • chanting

  • reciting mantra's

  • listen to calming, arrhythmic music with a gradual tempo and a small dynamic range - Music can incite feelings of connectedness, faith, and hope. Close your eyes and permit yourself to get completely immersed within the listening experience.

  • do something kind for someone else - take actions that will have a constructive influence on the world around you

  • viewing art

  • slow dancing

  • drumming, playing the piano, or guitar

Your spirit operates at a higher degree of vibrational frequency when nourished, attracting the same energy of constructive outcomes. Your life will be a sort of music that flows easily, seldom out of tune. In fact, the more you nurture your spirit, the more balanced you feel. Start to nurture your spirit to improve the quality of your life. If you are presently starving your spirit, it is time to do things differently. Starving your spirit is equivalent to a refusal to say yes to the enjoyment of having fun with the rich beauty and abundance all around us.

It's important to follow daily spiritual practices that nurture your spirit. Having an attractive body will mean little if you neglect your physical and emotional health. Having money or great stuff can't guarantee your happiness either. Regular spiritual nourishment can make you happier with what you have and help you get more of what you want and need.

Recognizing and nurturing your spirit has the potential to give you peace, power, and resilience to face life's challenges.


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