What Are The Benefits of Having a Hobby?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It doesn't matter so much what you do, what matters is that you do it.

What are the Benefits of Having a Hobby?
What Is Your Hobby?

Hobbies have proven to be very beneficial to people. They give you time to relax and to do things that you enjoy doing. Having a specific hobby has also helped many people to make new friends, keep the brain sharp, and even make money in some cases.

Hobbies That Sharpen the Mind

Some hobbies are better than others to make you problem solve and to think. These are especially important as you age. Some hobbies that are best for keeping your brain sharp include:

* Puzzles, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers

* Card games like bridge and solitaire

* Learning how to draw and paint

* Learning how to play a musical instrument

* Playing chess

* Learning a new language

* Participating in trivia games

Hobbies for Kids and Families

Certain hobbies are perfect for you to do with your family. They allow you to bond better with your loved ones and get to know them better. Hobbies that are best in ensuring you have a strong relationship with your loved ones include:

* Making model planes and trains

* Building with Lego

* Magic tricks

* Kite flying

* Going to zoos

* Playing with remote control cars

* Swimming and playing in the pool

* Board games

Hobbies for Adventurous People

It’s essential to get out and get some exercise. Certain hobbies can help you to do that. Getting yourself outdoors can be very relaxing as you will see the beautiful scenery that surrounds you every day that you don’t seem to have time to notice. For the adventurous, some of the critical hobbies to help you get the needed exercise and relaxation include:

* Fishing

* Running, biking, or walking through parks, neighborhoods, or mountains

* Playing baseball, softball, or volleyball

* Swimming

* Traveling around the world

* Bird watching

Hobbies That Help You to Earn Money

Hobbies don’t just have to be something you do for enjoyment. Besides providing you with needed relaxation, there is a large variety of hobbies that can provide you with money if you know how to advertise right. Some of the most popular hobbies that offer people the opportunity to earn money include:

* Photography

* Blogging and writing

* Craft makings like cards, candles, and soaps

* Baking

* Graphic design

* Carpentry

Hobbies for Collectors

Collecting objects that you find fascinating or that mean a lot to you brings you a sense of peace and relaxation. Having a set of something that is solely your own and something you worked hard to get brings a sense of joy to a person. Some hobbies that give that to you include, but are not limited to, collecting:

* Books

* Spoons

* Coins

* Vintage or unique toys

* Sports memorabilia

Hobbies for the Crafter

Craft hobbies are very popular and provide a variety of benefits. Crafts bring a sense of relaxation and calmness to a person. With some crafts, it has been shown to increase their confidence. Some crafts that help people to do that include:

* Baking

* Painting

* Sewing

* Crocheting

* Knitting

* Scrap-booking

* Needlepoint

* Quilting

Hobbies for Stress Relief

Everyday life can be very stressful. Having a hobby to fall back on when things get hard and stressful is key to enjoying life. Some hobbies that provide stress relief include:

* Yoga

* Weight lifting

* Meditation

Obscure Hobbies

Everyone ought to have something they enjoy doing in their free time, and most hobbies are more common, like crafts, playing games, or yoga. I found a list of hobbies that not many people have heard of. The list below is compiled from all over the world and aren’t typically hobbies people start with.

Tree Shaping - This hobby requires people to make odd shapes out of trees. You can train live trees and other plants of wood makeup to grow into artistic forms and useful sculptures. To do this requires a lot of patience and creativity.

Beetle Fighting - For this hobby, people choose different beetles to fight each other. Sometimes, people who are really into this hobby will specifically breed beetles just for fighting.

Rock Skipping - Did you know that a very dedicated person with this hobby set a record at 51 rock skips? For this hobby, all you have to do is throw a flat rock onto the surface of the water and try to make it bounce as many times as you can. It’s a straightforward yet relaxing hobby that some people enjoy.

Geocaching - This hobby consists of finding treasures in plastic containers called geocaches which hold special items. To find the containers, you either use your phone or GPS. People find enjoyment out of this hobby because it allows them to explore the world around them.

Element Collecting - This hobby entails people collecting elements of the periodic table. People typically do this in their own way. It’s highly recommended that you do not collect any of the elements that are poisonous, radioactive, or of a heavy element.

Taxidermy - It is said that the “art” of taxidermy is having a comeback from the 1800s when it was most popular. People who take part in this hobby are trying to persuade people that it is not cruel to animals. They do this type of work out of respect for the animals, not out of cruelty.

Soap Carving - This hobby is viewed very highly in Thailand. People with this hobby carve unique shapes into soaps and then sell the soaps to people as souvenirs.

Competitive Dog Grooming - In China, competitions are held for this hobby. People will groom a dog’s fur into different shapes, making the dogs appear as different animals. Some of the dogs have been shaped into dinosaurs, turtles, and dragons. If you’re successful, you can win as much as $30,000 from a single event.

Collecting Antique Milk Bottles - People who take part in this hobby often collect the milk bottles because it brings back memories from when they were younger, and milk was delivered to their home. They do this hobby for enjoyment and memories.

Hobbies provide people with so many benefits and change us for the better. Humans need to have something special we can do separately from our everyday, busy lives. While people find enjoyment out of doing different things, some hobbies just aren’t heard of as much as others might be.

Whatever your hobby is, though, the only thing that matters is that you get enjoyment out of it.

So, what’s your favorite hobby? Please reply and let me know. I’d love to hear about it.


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