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Your genetic code is packed with information about your body and its way of working.  It is a language that we understand here at Toolbox Genomics.  It is a library of information that we can use to predict your risk of disease and help you make the right choices to live healthier and longer.

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You Are at Risk for Disease 

Do you

  • know what diseases you are at risk for?

  • know what chronic health condidions are waiting in your Genes?

  • know how to maintain optimal health specifically for you?

  • know which are the right supplements and vitamins to take?


Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Our health and wellness plans help support you on your path to a healthier, happier, more connected life.

We have partnered with leading medical experts to help us deliver the information you need about health, wellness and nutrition in everyday language.   By incorporating the science of DNA and epigenetics, we can offer a unique understanding of you and your health that is unmatched.  A growing number of people are making healthy living a daily priority.  Are you one of them?

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DNA + Epigenetics = Health

Take charge of your health and wellbeing.

  • Reduce medical costs with preventative health

  • Identify your risk for certain diseases and conditions

  • Get tailored recommendations to overcome genetic predispositions

  • Your epigenetic profile provides actionable insights

  • Track and  learn at your fingertips with the Contact App


“ToolBox Genomics provides a comprehensive and seamless solution that allows the physician to review potential genetic risk factors while mapping a patient's optimal health and wellness strategies… Thanks to Toolbox Genomics, the clear industry leader, we are now set upon a brilliant path for the healthiest generations yet to come!”


"I found out that I'm a slow caffeine metabolizer, and so I love my coffee and I would sometimes have two, maybe even three, cups of coffee in a day. And because of this information, I have now cut that back to one cup a day"